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What are your hours?

Currently, we deliver on Thursday nights from 8pm to 11pm, Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm to 1am, and Sundays from 7pm to 11pm.

I hear your cookies are gooey, how gooey are they?

Our cookies are really gooey. They are so gooey that they may fall apart as you eat them. If you like your cookies more well done than this, you can ask for that in the notes section of your order. Just ask us to make them a little crispier. Please note that this may cause your order to be delayed by the extra time they'll need to spend in the ovens.

I love butter. Do your cookies have butter?

Except for our vegan cookies, all our cookies are made with an obscene amount of real, unsalted butter.

Where does the dough for your cookies come from?

All of the dough for our cookies is made from scratch using the same 20qt Hobart Mixer that Teddy Roosevelt used to make cookies at San Juan Hill.

I only eat cookies with really terrible ingredients like hyper-poly-super-saturated-hydrogenated oils... Will I enjoy your cookies?

No. We use only simple ingredients in our cookies like organic sugar, real butter and real eggs.

I am afraid of clowns... How do I go on living?

At After Dark Cookies we strongly believe in exposure therapy to combat crippling fears. This is why we sleep in a pit filled with snakes every night. If you want, we can arrange for clowns to come to your house and live with you for six months to help you vanquish your fear of clowns.

Why are my cookies different sizes?

We love robots, but we think cookies should be made by the loving hands of real people. Our cookies are made by people. As a result cookie size can vary from one cookie to another.

Why can it sometimes take almost a full hour to get my cookies?

We make all our cookies to order. Period. Nothing goes in the oven till you place your order. We send your cookies out for delivery just as soon as we are done prepping and baking them.

I live outside your delivery area... can I still order cookies?

Depending on how busy we are, we may be able to deliver outside of our posted delivery zone. Give us a call to see if we can accomodate your request.

I'm afraid that "they" are listening to my thoughts... what do I do?

First off, you are absolutely right. "They" are definitely listening to your thoughts. An effective thought screener can be created from simple aluminum foil or by wearing a colander on the head. Remember, device must be worn constantly to prevent thought stealing.

My cookie fell apart as soon as I picked it up... Was it really done baking?

Our cookies are ridiculously fresh. We basically pull them from the oven and put them right into your delivery box. This means they are still very hot and haven't quite solidified. If you want your cookies less gooey and more solid all you have to do is wait a few minutes with the lid open and that should do the trick. If you like them gooey, don't worry, they're fully cooked just not set up completely.

Who ya gonna call?

Ghostbusters, obviously.

How can I conquer the world in the next six months?

We're too busy doing this to tell you.

Why do you use unsalted butter instead of salted butter?

Using unsalted butter allows us to better control the amount of salt in a batch of cookies and thus better helps us control the flavors in our cookies. The salt content of salted butter can vary depending on butter brand. Also, because salt is a preservative it generally means that unsalted butter is fresher, which is always our preference.

Do you have Vegan cookies?

Yes! We offer a Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie. We also have two other cookies that are vegan as part of our Sometimes cookie rotation: the Fruit Salad Cookie and the Maple Pecan. No animals were harmed in their making.

Do you have Gluten Free Cookies?

Yes! We offer a Gluten Free White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie as one of our Anytime cookies and we also offer at least one other Gluten Free cookie choice every week.

How big are your cookies?

They're pretty big. Each cookie varies in size based on its own unique properties (how much baking soda, eggs, what type of flour...), but each pre-baked cookie weighs about 80 grams. Eating three in one sitting is pretty much a meal.

What are the quantities of ice cream that you deliver?

They're pints.

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